Clicking on "new post" sends me in to a writer's block. Not that I ever had "writers" ANYthing in me...EVER. none. zip. Crazy days are upon us in grade 2. I'm teaching them how to write. Is that possible? I show them how I write. We talk about writing. We live writing. We write to inspiring music. We write details, extend sentences, remember capitals.. periods... we skip lines and cross our fingers that it will end. SOON! :)

Ok, enough on that. So, onto the reason I'm here. I have this BIG idea. Seriously grand that has completely obliterated my mind into a zillion fractured pieces of ideas all running in opposite randomly chosen directions with no leader, no followers. It's every thought for himself! GO GO GO! They shout at me in the middle of the night, while on the elliptical, during pulled pork hour, and even as I try to spill this onto my computer screen tonight.

Oh my, you just wait. It's going to be good. Still gathering momentum and doing my homework, but SO thrilled to have found a direction... just need to work on aligning my thoughts. This weekend the time shall be mine.

Stay tuned.

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