Clicking on "new post" sends me in to a writer's block. Not that I ever had "writers" ANYthing in me...EVER. none. zip. Crazy days are upon us in grade 2. I'm teaching them how to write. Is that possible? I show them how I write. We talk about writing. We live writing. We write to inspiring music. We write details, extend sentences, remember capitals.. periods... we skip lines and cross our fingers that it will end. SOON! :)

Ok, enough on that. So, onto the reason I'm here. I have this BIG idea. Seriously grand that has completely obliterated my mind into a zillion fractured pieces of ideas all running in opposite randomly chosen directions with no leader, no followers. It's every thought for himself! GO GO GO! They shout at me in the middle of the night, while on the elliptical, during pulled pork hour, and even as I try to spill this onto my computer screen tonight.

Oh my, you just wait. It's going to be good. Still gathering momentum and doing my homework, but SO thrilled to have found a direction... just need to work on aligning my thoughts. This weekend the time shall be mine.

Stay tuned.


2,012 Reasons

Wow. I keep coming up with great reasons not to blog. The best one is... Why blog when so many people have moved from blogging to most instant gratification through texts, feeds, status updates. Then I remember why I started blogging in the first place... It's all about recording things that I do and things I like. Why yes, it's all about me!? Happy 2012, it WILL snow, right?Still a very bare land in northern lower Michigan. Forecast is yelling 10-20" by Tuesday... We shall see. The new Table of Truth is ready!


No. Thank. You.

Traveling home after a weekend of feasting on seasonal treats & drinks, this was my welcome at a gas station pit stop. Seriously? I wouldn't step on that thing for FREE today.

And how about this Michigan weather? Hoping to see snow by the time Traverse City is within sight. This green/brown and 40's business is getting to be a little frightening. What will become of the water level of lakes and streams if we don't get any significant snowfall?! How on the world will I hibernate...junk out on Netflix... and have days off work???? I live for at least a couple of freebie days each winter. Ugh.

On a slightly heavier note. Yes, that was a very obvious dig at my thighs... I've lost some area around the abdomen, but the quads are reluctant. I'm getting the message from them that it's going to take a running routine. So, here is the plan:
Monday - run at TBD or elliptical
Tuesday - spin at YY
Wednesday - Kettlebells
Thursday - home spin or off
Friday - elliptical or run
Saturday - bells or snowshoe, ski
Sunday - off

Awesome. I just remembered how effective elliptical machines are for my thigh redistribution program.. (TRdP)...AND I can read, listen to music, and work on core balance/strength at the same time. BONUS: they are near my work and I have a 3 month prepaid membership I discovered during the last move.

See ya layer size X thighs.


There's an APP for THAT?!

I had no idea. Seriously. It all happened so fast. I dislocated my shoulder just in time to spend my summer in love with an iPhone. We ran together on trails listening to MGMT and we swooned over Adorable Things on Pinterest. We kicked Facebook out of our life in the fall and reinstated it just in time for Thanksgiving.

Yes, my iPhone and I fell hard for each other but Blogger was never far from my thoughts. I knew my last post was the dreaded Casey Anthony post. What in the world ever happened to that media madness?! Hmm... So, I opted out of blogging because I ran last summer and really hung our by myself whilst the friends rode away. Ugh. Talk about pain. Severe mental anguish set in by September and so did about 25 extra pounds. Give or take 10. :-)

I have apps for Ikea, Pinterest, Netflix, class dojo, Sirius xm, pandora, Paypal, instagram..... Yah, until THIS day, I didn't know my blog was so easily accessible and editable!

My update is my gift to you...Merry Christmas. :-)

p.s. I fell in love with something yesterday. Not the cat. I'm always in love with my Willow boy. That nau coat! That Fossil purse! and how about that edible evergreen?!

p.p.s. Adding photos is easy, placing them, not so much.



I read the jailhouse letters...
Listened to trial coverage on XM...
Read several timelines...

Yah, I pretty much followed this one due to the extreme unbelievability factor. I rarely get so wrapped up in things like this... Normally I'm innocently junking out on Say Yes to the Dress. I know, I admitted that. Maybe I AM still under the influence of pain meds??? So, I get that there wasn't the right kind of HARD, aka physical evidence, to link her to her little girl's death... but, really. What a scandal. So many lies, so many unanswered questions. I can't imagine the burden she will carry for the rest of her life. For her sake, I hope the defense was correct in telling us that it was an ACCIDENTAL drowning and she freaked out...resulting in a string of lies. Still, the jailhouse letters did not indicate remorse. Her actions during the 31 days after the death did not indicate any emotional trauma. Some of the best actors live amongst us?

Sling Shot

Notice anything different? No? Well, this is the first photo from the newest camera in the fleet of 3. The Olympus Stylus TOUGH. Thought that would be a great idea since it is supposed to be pretty bomb-proof. Now, the old camera was a great guy, unfortunately a little large and probably far more options that a non-camera buff like me needed to have in my hands, pack, purse, ... yah.

I haven't played with the features too much. Tough to do that with 1 good arm to work with... more on that in a moment. Next week is little E's last dance class. No more sitting at the center junking out on FB for me on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking of E... here is a night shot G took at the 4th fireworks in FeeFee La'Key. Never heard of it? So many haven't, best kept secret in northern Michigan. ;) What ya don't see is the flame/sword juggler performing for the children. That was scary, cool, scary.. and I just couldn't believe the small town allowed that in such a crowded space? Yikes. Seriously. Maybe I'm just more protecting and more "Safety Patrol" when on the injured list?

Waiting for the parade of firetrucks, police cars, tractors... yep, best kept secret I tell ya! You will know my shots, I'm always in a sitting position... more on that... in a moment.

Some small child snatched the camera from my good arm and snapped some shots. Tootsie Rolls were definitely the theme of the day's parade.

Oooo.... nice.

My personal favorite. Not many turned out so .. jagged. Nice Glen. Nice.

Just love the color and streaks.

It's like hot lava in the sky!

Oh, hi there. 1 week ago I was sitting at G's in a slouchy-coma. Who knew he walked into the room and was fiddling with the camera? So, this is me on the first morning-AFTER my bike bucked me off. My shoulder popped out of it's socket when I hit the ground. Not happy about that. That walk, that wait, that x-ray tech! Holy cow... how many times did I have to tell them my pain was a 10+!? Seriously, worst pain of my life, but happy it didn't break. Happy I'm no longer in the Tylenol 3 coma of last week/weekend, and so happy I am sling-freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as of today! woo hoo! Also, so thankful for the good riding buddies who walked with me, let me say some fancy words without scoffing, laughed at the looks of my screwed up arm/shoulder.. good times.

Can I mention I'm a little happy I won't be playing softball again this summer? ;) Too bad I also have to wait for the trails... paved roads are coming up. I think I'll be ready next week. In the meantime, I'm counting my good fotune on a clover & so thankful for the healing capability of the human body. Amazing.

p.s. I also like washing my hair with 2 hands, snuggling The Willow, opening a container WHILE holding it at the SAME time!?, buttoning my clothes without working up a sweat, turning doorknobs, pulling on socks, ... just wait until I grab the steering wheel with both hands later today AND engaged the turn signal without having to completely let go of the wheel! Awesome!


Tower of Power

As soon as I catch up with this thing, I'm behind! Speaking of behind, I've been sitting on mine for a long time this morning. It is SOOOO cold & drizzly today. I just don't feel like moving. Soon the little E will be here and her crazy dog too, or maybe not. It's dance day for E and for me it is read-a-book for 3 hours while waiting for her, or hit the spin bike/recumbent/elliptical. What in the world do I choose!?

Times are busy without being too busy. Having 10-12 solid, full weeks off leaves a person with a lot of time to NOT be busy but a need to feel BUSY. Ok, that probably didn't make sense. What I'm saying is, I have guilt over NOT having a million things to do at this very moment. However I do have things that MUST be done before September and some before this weekend. Check it out!

Before July 1st:
mop floors
clean bathroom
sort through clothing
minor grocery shopping
pick up contacts
doc appointment
softball game
3 bike rides

Not bad huh? I don't think so, but when there is the possibility of just... snuggling The Willow cat instead, all of those items seem a bit much! :)

Before September 1st
Replace the trim in the house that I took down last summer
Purchase a few books for the classroom
Sort files 1 last time - sift through really carefully!
Toss in a couple of races, some tours, some camping, some __________.
Visit a couple of friends I usually only see during the summer.

There ya have it. The MUST do list. Pathetic huh? Well, since the sun is down, and the Willow is warm, you know where I'm heading! Lists can wait.

p.s. I did pick strawberries yesterday... 10 bags of frozen delights await the long winter and 6 containers of freezer jam. And to think I was beginning to label myself as LAZY????


p.p.s. G bought a new camera for us. I would like to just say for ME.. because I'm really the one who has to have control over it at all times. It is truly hard for me to let go of that control. yep, so ... my point is this --- SOOON, I will not have to recycle old photos & SOOOON I will show you some interesting things like... The Willow Whisker Collection '11, Ali's Bad Hair Day #142, and Rain Damage in Northern Lower Michigan. Stay tuned, and close. Very close.

Sorry, just on more p.p.p.s. I TOTALLY could have shot that power up to the top like G if only I didn't have to sausage myself into that confining black downy vest. Why you say? Why did I sausage myself? Well, that's for me to know and for you to never find out. Have a lovely day.


Rained OUT

and i opened the door...

this is SO much better than playing softball tonight...
yes, boots do not float when filled with water...





I drank the water!!!


Celtic Day in town K

That's what it was... well, at least at the DANCE room/arena/place/studio? yah, the little E put on a sparkly dress (ok, not really - it was better than that! It was MJC!) and learned moves for 2.5 hours before putting on the parent/aunt show. How proud I was . How coordinated she was ... for real. No wonder she beats me all day long at Dance Revolution or whatever that is called these days. Ugh... I really should be more coordinated.. right?

p.s. Would cycling shoes be considered.. "street shoes?"

p.p.s. 1.5 hours on the elliptical/recumbent gym bike = HOW DO I DO THAT ALL WINTER!?

p.p.p.s. Did you know that Matilda Jane Clothing is a company created by my long ago college friend who happens to be one of the most ridiculous - nicest individuals I have ever met? Did I mention she is crazy fun and can mew like a cat... I think she stopped calling me by name for a while and just "meowed" for me (Ali-cat) when she'd call. Quite normal...really.


Concrete Business

Things have been a little crazy around here. Not saying that crazy isn't relatively normal for me....
Riding has been back-burnered for sorting files for school.. yah, it's over... but, I feel like I'm drowning in the need to GET RID OF THINGS.

So, we decided on an impromptu touring ride over the weekend which started with this insane sight! Yikes, I was nauseated just watching this guy paint... we could even hear the lines TWANG once in a while. eek.

BOB loaded with a few essentials for an overnight stay in Mackinac City.

Just after mentioning I'd like to see some wildlife, this guy shows up! Lucky!

Just so you know, these are the BEST arm COOLERS ever. No need to worry about sun damage & the sleeves actually cool the skin as you ride. Unreal... still don't get it, but certinaly LOVE them.

Our little joke.. yah, had to hit the 'bear' store for swimgear... which wasn't a good idea. Enough about that.

Ready to feast at the DIXIE... where carving in tables appears to be encouraged! Nice.

Mark made.... still feeling very destructive.

Some Lake Huron beach relaxing after a fine meal...

Morning prep for the ride back... continental style. It was the best thing this sprawling hotel with water park had going for it. True.

Hai! It's another turtle. I am a turtle LOVER from way back.

So, I rode the parking lot for .5 miles and maybe spun my front week for a couple of tenths get to see the 130.

All in all.. a refreshing weekend. I needed the brain break, long miles, and time with my boy. Too bad for me he chose HER in the end.

Happy Father's day to his poppa who I am certain will greatly appreciate this priceless beauty!